AVUVA is a young and innovative brand that combines the latest technologies and nature’s finest ingredients to provide women with its most coveted skincare and personal hygiene products. The brand, which constantly strives to meet the ever-changing needs of modern women, provides them with quality products at their convenience.

AVUVA launched in late 2018 its Cold Wax and White Paste, offering women a special formula that delivers a sensual and painless hair removal process. Unlike with other treatments, there’s no risk of getting any burns when using any of AVUVA’s products. More so, the all natural wax and paste help whiten dark areas leaving a lasting scent and smooth feeling skin.

2019 witnessed the launch of AVUVA’s body splash and shower gel range, thereby providing women with a complete pampering experience.

With AVUVA rest assured that you can ‘Be Yourself’ without compromising on quality, convenience, or affordability.