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Body Splash

Let your skin tell your story. With our carefully selected fragrances and the beauty of your skin, AVUVA Body Splash guarantees a happy day every day. Our range of long-lasting scents includes playful Passion Fruit, warm Vanilla Coconut, delicate Floral and charismatic Cherry Blossom.

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Cherry Blossom - Body Splash

You'll feel flirty and feminine with the alluring fragrance of blushing cherry blossoms. This body splash wraps you in beautifully scented mist and leaves skin feeling refreshed.
125.00 EGP

Vanilla Coconut - Body Splash

Indulge in the cozy, irresistible scent of warm vanilla and subtle hint of cheeky coconut. This pleasing blend will send you sky-high on the rollercoaster of love.
125.00 EGP

Floral - Body Splash

Flowers are the music of the ground. Let your body sing along with our delicately chosen roses for a light, floral, everyday scent.
125.00 EGP

Passion Fruit - Body Splash

Spray some sweet sunshine into your life with refreshingly scented Passion Fruit. Infused with Passion Fruit extract to give an exotic burst of fragrance every day.
125.00 EGP

Mango Peach - Body Splash

A blend of tropical fusion from Avuva that gives fresh, clean and fruity vibes.
125.00 EGP

Pomegranate - Body Splash

Avuva’s sweet, subtle & distinct scent of pomegranate is sure to be your next favorite.
125.00 EGP