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Body Splash

Let your skin tell your story. With our carefully selected fragrances and the beauty of your skin, AVUVA Body Splash guarantees a happy day every day. Our range of long-lasting scents includes playful Passion Fruit, warm Vanilla Coconut, delicate Floral and charismatic Cherry Blossom.

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vanilla coconut - body splash - 55 ml

Indulge in the cozy, irresistible scent of warm vanilla and subtle hint of cheeky coconut. This pleasing blend will send you sky-high on the rollercoaster of love.
25.00 EGP

cherry blossom - body splash - 55 ml

You'll feel flirty and feminine with the alluring fragrance of blushing cherry blossoms. This body splash wraps you in beautifully scented mist and leaves skin feeling refreshed.
25.00 EGP

mango peach - body splash - 55 ml

A blend of tropical fusion from Avuva that gives fresh, clean and fruity vibes.
25.00 EGP

Pomegranate - body splash - 55 ml

Avuva’s sweet, subtle & distinct scent of pomegranate is sure to be your next favorite.
25.00 EGP