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Cold Wax

AVUVA Cold Wax comes in a wide variety of scents leaving you with silky perfumed skin.

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Gold - Cold Wax

AVUVA Gold Cold Wax is the go to product if you have thick hair that’s tough to remove. The effective yet gentle formula provides an overall painless experience that will leave you with a smooth finish.
89.00 EGP

Mint Charcoal - Cold Wax

AVUVA Mint Charcoal Cold Wax is filled with benefits. The wax, which removes excess hair also, works as a deep cleanser for the skin and thereby reduces pore sizes, tones and balances oily skin.
89.00 EGP

Passion Fruit - Cold Wax

AVUVA Passion Fruit Cold Wax removes excess hair from the roots leaving the skin feeling soft, silky and scented with the breeziest tropical fragrance.
89.00 EGP

Vanilla Coconut - Cold Wax

The scent infused in the AVUVA Vanilla Coconut Cold Wax, has a long lasting effect that works on reducing stress levels leaving you with a sweet smell and clean smooth skin.
89.00 EGP

Floral - Cold Wax

AVUVA Floral Cold Wax scent combines a bouquet of different flowers that work on boosting energy levels leaving you feeling refreshed and soft.
89.00 EGP

Cherry Blossom - Cold Wax

AVUVA Cherry Blossom Cold Wax removes hair effectively and works on repairing the skin, leaving you with supple skin and a mild scent.
89.00 EGP

Depilatory sheets

Soft flexible non-woven fabric, great tensile strength which can depilate effectively without harm to your skin. Used with depilatory wax. Suitable to be used on armpits, arms, legs & other body parts.
30.00 EGP