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White Paste

AVUVA White Paste is specially designed for sensitive areas. The all-natural gentle formula works on removing hair from the roots without irritating the skin barrier, making for a painless hair removal process. The paste, which comes in a variety of fragrances, also helps whiten dark areas.

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Passion Fruit - White Paste

AVUVA Passion Fruit White Paste removes excess hair from the roots leaving the skin feeling soft, silky and scented with the breeziest tropical fragrance.
22.00 EGP

Vanilla Coconut - White Paste

The scent infused in the AVUVA Vanilla Coconut White Paste, has a long lasting effect that works on reducing stress levels leaving you with a sweet smell and clean smooth skin.
18.00 EGP

Floral - White Paste

AVUVA Floral White Paste scent combines a bouquet of different flowers that work on boosting energy levels leaving you feeling refreshed and soft.
22.00 EGP

Cherry Blossom - White Paste

AVUVA Cherry Blossom White Paste removes hair effectively and works on repairing the skin, leaving you with supple skin and a mild scent.
22.00 EGP